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VDU & Corporate

VDU & Safety Spectacles / Corporate Eyecare

If you use a VDU on a regular basis or need protective eyewear because of your occupation or hobbies we can examine your eyes and give you the best advice to keep your eyes healthy.

VDUs and your eyes

There is no scientific evidence that VDUs are harmful to your eyes, however their use can certainly lead to short-term problems, such as eyestrain and headaches.

We can help by not only finding the correct prescription and advising on the best type of spectacle lens or contact lens for your specific situation, but also by discussing with you how to set up your VDU workstation and giving helpful tips on keeping your eyes ‘happy’.

Your entitlement

Employers are required to provide regular eye examinations for staff who work with computers for a significant part of their job (VDU eye tests) – an hour at a time on a regular basis. If spectacles are required specifically and solely for VDU use then the employer must make a contribution towards the cost of them.  Again, it is sometimes possible for an employee to upgrade the frames and lenses chosen and pay the excess charge over and above the employer’s statutory contribution.

Safety Specs

We are also experienced in advising about and dispensing protective safety specs both for work and leisure activities. All items fully comply with British and European standards.

Corporate Care & Vouchers

Some employers simply ask for receipts and re-imburse their employees for the costs involved and others issue specific forms. We accept Eyecare vouchers and Duncan and Todd (ICE) vouchers. If you have any other type of voucher please contact us. If you are attending for an examination with one of these vouchers please read it before you come – in some cases we are obliged to ask for photographic proof of identity.

If you are an employer and would like to open a corporate account for your staff please contact us on 01572 756434.