We´re excited to let you know that we have started work on an extension to our practice. As a result, our car park spaces will be very limited throughout January and at the beginning of February. Please allow extra time to make it to your appointment. There is a public car park directly opposite the practice where you can park for 30mins / 1hour or more.

Contact Lens Info

Imagine. No frames to limit your horizons, just clear images throughout your field of vision. Contact lenses let you look your best and open the door to all sorts of sporting and leisure activities.

Something for Everyone
Almost everyone can now wear contact lenses – giving you freedom from glasses when and where you want it. In summer you can wear fashionable sunglasses and in winter there’s no steaming up when you come in from the cold.

Thanks to innovative design and new materials, the latest generation of contact lenses are easy to care for and exceptionally comfortable. Even people who have had problems in the past can now be successful wearers, for example those with significant astigmatism.

Depending on your age, spectacle prescription and lifestyle needs our experienced optometrists can guide you through the many options available. Our aim is to ensure you get the contact lenses that are a perfect fit for you.

“Great value for money.” Mrs JD., Rutland. Read more testimonials


And because we see so many contact lens patients we can make wearing them surprisingly affordable. We are also very flexible when it comes to payment – you can buy in bulk or by box, you can pay upfront or spread the cost with standing orders.

Our comprehensive aftercare service will help you out if you lose or damage lenses and offer you emergency appointments when you need them.

At Simmons we specialise in fitting contact lenses, and as an independent optician we are free to choose any lens from any supplier. Our 30 minutes appointments ensure that we can be thorough and you will be unhurried.

We are practiced at fitting contact lenses for patients from all walks of life, from children (if suitable) to those with complex prescriptions and conditions (like keratoconus).

Please call us today if you are interested in wearing contact lenses.