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Sports Eyewear

Spectacles and Sport

Give your eyes a sporting chance
If you are looking to improve your sporting performance as a professional athlete or enthusiastic amateur, we can help you get the most out of your eyes and your game. It is estimated that over 95% of the information we use during sport comes from our vision. We think we are seeing well, but are we? Many people who participate in sport never think to get their eyes tested.

Protect – Sports goggles
Sport is a leading cause of eye injury, so it is essential to keep your eyes protected. All of our sports eyewear meets exacting standards for fit and protection, maintaining your eye health and giving you peace of mind while you are competing.

When protecting your eyes is the issue, your frames and lenses need to be as impact resistant as possible, both for contact sports and games with high velocity balls; sports goggles with polycarbonate lenses are the answer. We supply specialised eyewear for squash, rugby and a multitude of other sports.

Perform – Sports sunglasses and lenses
Being able to see well and maximise your vision is key to performing well and enjoying your game.

Each sporting activity has it’s own environment and visual conditions, whether you cycle and face additional glare from the road or passing cars, play golf and need to identify the ball against the expanse of the greens or ski and need to identify the bumps and moguls on snowy days. For these and other activities there is a specific lens tint to improve contrast and colour perception.

Where glare and reflections present problems, two products can give the answer; Polarising lenses cut through the reflections on water, for example to enable anglers to see what’s beneath the surface.  Anti-reflective lenses virtually eliminate reflections on your lenses. Left untreated, such reflections can be distracting and furthermore reduce visual contrast, making it difficult to track a fast-moving ball, such as tennis, especially under floodlights.

Depending on your sport we can recommend the right lens tint and coating. That’s why standard sunglasses aren’t always suitable and sports sunglasses are ever more important.

Sports-specific eyewear
Prescription swimming goggles and diving masks are relatively inexpensive, whilst for snooker or shooting, there are frames that deal with the unusual positions your sport requires of you.

Please come and talk to us about your options, from sports-specific eyewear, with and without a prescription to contact lenses and even laser eye correction – choosing the right eyewear for sport is as vital as choosing the right equipment.