1-Hour Optical Lab

Need glasses fast?

We can turn around most glasses in 1 hour. Our in-house optical laboratory has the latest glazing equipment, 3000 lenses in stock and an experienced lab technician. This means that we can prepare your glasses quickly, efficiently and to our own exacting standards – so there’s no need to panic!

For the majority of single vision prescriptions, you can get the eyesight you need without having to wait for days or weeks which is great when you have an emergency, such as breaking or losing your spectacles, which seems to happen surprisingly often!!

Other types of lenses such as high index, tinted or coated can be ordered and delivered to us within 24 hours – so whatever your need please do get in touch with us to find out how we can help you.

New lenses to a favourite frame

If you have a favourite pair of spectacles and need a new prescription, there’s no need to be without them!  We’ll go ahead and order the lenses, contact you when they have arrived and arrange a time for you to pop in and have the new lenses glazed into your favourite frame – convenient and fast!

Repairs and adjustments while you wait

The in-house lab also means that we can repair many glasses the same day, many which our patients think are beyond repair!

If you ever find that your glasses need an adjustment or just want them to have an ‘MOT’ we’re here to help – just pop in and we’ll do the rest!