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Low Vision

Our experienced optometrists have a specialist interest in the rehabilitation of the visually impaired. We offer a convenient & affordable service using the very latest equipment.

What is Low Vision?
The majority of us who have blurred vision simply correct this by wearing spectacles. However, when a person has reduced vision in both eyes, which cannot be improved with conventional spectacles, they may be described as having low vision.

The degree of low vision will vary between individuals and will depend upon the underlying cause or condition. Although some individuals may be born with poor sight, the vast majority have low vision as a result of a condition or disease that they have acquired in later life.

It makes sense that if we are unable to see something clearly we either get closer to it or try to make it bigger in some way. This is the basis of using magnification and Low Vision Aids.

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Are all magnifiers the same?

Not all magnifiers are the same! Magnification can assist most people suffering from sight loss. However, there is a huge range of magnifiers available, from simple hand and stand magnifiers through to telescopes and the latest electronic devices.  Maximising your remaining vision relies not only on choosing the correct aid and power of magnification but also knowing how to use it correctly – as this avoids a lot of frustration and disappointment.

Our Low Vision Services
Our personalised Low Vision Service provides a comprehensive assessment of your specific needs and we offer a full range of optical low vision aids and Electronic Vision Enhancement systems at competitive prices.

Our 1 hour consultation costs £57.00 and will cover the following:

  • A detailed assessment of your lifestyle and visual requirements
  • Selecting the most suitable visual aids for you
  •  Advice on non-optical aids that may help you in everyday tasks
  • Training and advice to help you maintain as much independence as possible
  • Advice on benefits, welfare and relevant organisations, such as Vista and the RNIB
  • Referral to rehabilitation services for home assessment and support, and other healthcare professionals if necessary

If you feel that you or a family member would benefit from a formal low vision assessment, please contact us for an appointment.